Nutrition Supplement Enriched With Forskolin Extract

iForskolin is a dietary supplement that includes Forskolin Extract and may help support weight management.

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Benefits Of Forskolin Extract

cAMP (Cyclic Adenosine Monophosphate) is an enzyme that encourages a process called lipolysis, which releases fat stores in form of usable energy. It also influences the energy in the body. Forskolin extract may help positively regulate this enzyme and may, in turn, support weight management. A unique benefit of forskolin is its ability to preserve lean muscle mass.

Tips For AHealthy Lifestyle

The formulas are recommended for use by adults above the age of 18, in consultation with a certified expert and in addition to a healthy lifestyle for maximum benefits.

  • Healthy Eating Balanced & wholesome diet rich in macro & micro nutrients.

  • Regular Workout Dynamic workout regimen including yoga, aerobics & strength exercises.

  • Optimum Hydration Drink sufficient water at regular intervals throughout the day.

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